Autumn Colour For Your Garden

Our Top 5 plants for Autumn Colour

If you are looking to spruce your garden up a little then Autumn is a wonderful time to be out in the garden and the colder months doesn’t mean we have to be bleak and drab. Try adding in some colour to help you through the winter months and create lovely new homes for the birds and hedgehogs. Here are our favourite Autumn plants to add into your gardens this month… 

Cotoneaster Franchetii

Cotoneaster franchetii is an evergreen hedging plant that make for a tough autumnal hedge displaying small, oval leaves on arching branches. Cotoneaster is suited to coastal sites and heavy shade. This bird friendly hedging plant provides year-round interest, with grey-green foliage, blush white and pink flowers and orange berries. Cotoneaster Horizontalis is also a great hedging plant for Autumn colour.

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Crab Apple

Crab Apples flower from March to May with pink buds and white blossom flushed with pink much sought after by bees. The red-flushed, orange-yellow fruits in autumn that complement the orange-yellow leaves. The fruit looks like miniature apples and is yellow/green tinged with red making it look wonderful in autumn. It is an excellent tree for smaller gardens, with a pleasant conical shape, but if you want to make an impact then see our pleached espalier trees.


Dogwood is known for it’s vivid brightly coloured stems that bring a pop of colour into your gardens in the cooler months. When it’s warmer months dogwood boasts creamy, white flowers in spring, followed by blue/white berries, with oval dark green leaves, which redden in Autumn, and then fall to reveal the gorgeous brightly coloured stems. 

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Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental Grasses are a their best in Autumn and create a fresh look in the garden. Plant then with winter flowering shrubs and perennials and you’ll have a spring looking garden in even the coldest of months. Species such as Carex Evergold and Luzula Sylvatica are wonderful this time of year and an affordable way to brighten up your garden. 

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Pyracantha is another favourite of the birds as it hosts wonderful berries for them to feed on in the Autumn months. Also a great intruder deterrent hedging plant, Pyracantha comes inRed, Orange and Yellow, why not make a mixed hedge and create an amazing autumnal display- it’ll be a hit with the birds!


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