Large Tree and Hedge Delivery and Aftercare

Delivery of Your Plants

For many of our plants, delivery is free of charge. This includes orders over £200 excluding VAT where the order can be delivered on a pallet (this includes any plants up to 2metres in height) and where the delivery address is part of mainland Britain, excluding the Scottish Highlands and Northern Ireland.

We can still deliver to these locations and to Isle of Man, Isle of Wight, Scottish Islands, Channel Islands, Ireland and France, however we would need to consider each order on a case by case basis to arrange any specific delivery charges which may need to be applied.

All of our pallet and box deliveries can be left as no signature required so you do not need to wait on site to accept the delivery. In addition we can arrange specific delivery dates to suit your planting requirements and we would always recommend in this case that you arrange for the delivery the day prior to planting so that you have everything there first thing in the morning to get cracking on the job.

For any orders under £200 excluding VAT, which can be delivered on pallets, a one off delivery charge of up to £50 excluding VAT will be applied.
Larger plants, generally over 2metres in height, often need to be loose loaded rather than delivered on pallets. As such we consider each order individually to ensure that we find the best solution given the delivery location, species ordered and size of the order. Delivery for these plants will generally be to the kerbside nearest to your address but drivers are often prepared to move plants by trolley along paths at their own discretion.

Our sales team are very experienced in dealing with the delivery requirements of different orders and we are more than happy to work through the most suitable solution for you at the best possible price. Please feel free to give us a call on 01257 265232 if you have any questions.

Given the nature of our products, weather conditions can impact despatch dates slightly, for instance plants are not lifted if the ground is too cold or frozen as this can damage the root system and at the other extreme, we avoid sending out certain species in very hot weather as some plants are especially susceptible to this. Bank holidays and transport strikes can also affect our delivery timescales. These are exceptions to the rule and the vast majority of our orders arrive on the date specified but we would ask that our customers are understanding of the minority of situations which are out of our control.

*We will always aim to deliver at a convenient time for our customers but we cannot be held liable for missed delivery dates which are out of our control.

After receiving your plants

We want everything you buy from us to thrive. However we cannot be responsible for the wellbeing of a plant that is in your care once you have taken delivery of it. Please see our terms and conditions elsewhere on this site.

The way to look after your newly delivered plants will vary depending on the plant, the time of year, whether it is in a pot and where you leave it. In general plants in pots can safely be left in a sheltered situation for some time provided they are adequately watered. However more tender plants may need protection from cold using bubble wrap, straw etc. During long periods (more then 2-3 days) well below freezing some evergreen plants may start to suffer from drought as they are in leaf but receiving no water from frozen roots. In this situation they may need to be taken into a warmer place until thawed and then watered.

Bare Root Plants
If you receive bare root plants but are unable to plant them immediately, for instance if it is not convenient or the ground is frozen, they can be stored in one of the following ways:
1. If the ground is not frozen dig a narrow trench and heel them in making sure the roots are covered with damp soil.
2. If the ground is frozen undo the package, check that the roots have not dried out (if they are dry stand them in water for up to an hour and then drain them), re-pack the root system only and keep in a cool shed or garage until the planting conditions improve.

Large Trees, Rootballs and Potted Plants
Very large plants generally need professional handling so that those in pots larger than about 70litres are difficult for even a strong person to move and plant. Several people, or mechanical handling, will be needed. It is usually best to leave them in a position out of strong winds which may blow them over and cause damage.

The Importance of Watering
It is very important to remember that many trees die from drought during their first year after planting. They must not be allowed to dry out completely, especially during that vital first year, so you may feel an irrigation system is worthwhile. After spending on large or specimen trees it is particularly foolish to let them die of drought. Unfortunately it is also common.

Further technical details on the different root types available
Bare root plants have been freshly lifted from the ground and wrapped and sold without the roots being contained. Root-balled plants have been lifted by machine and a ball of root and soil has been contained in hessian. They can be planted as they are or the hessian can be loosened a little. Wire root-balled plants are similar but this method is generally used for larger plants. In general bare root plants can be planted from November to April (when deciduous trees have lost most of their leaves) and root-balled plants for about one extra month. Plants in containers or pots should generally have been within their containers long enough for the roots to have developed to touch the inside of the pots but without becoming root-bound. They are suitable for planting at any time of year when the ground is not frozen hard or waterlogged. All plants will need to be looked after carefully during their first year when drought can easily kill them.