English Yew Extra Tall Hedging

Taxus baccata

From £599.99

English Yew (Taxus baccata) Extra Tall Hedging is the ideal garden solution if you are looking for an instant impact. Sized 2.5m and above, our extra tall root ball hedging is available to order and delivered across the UK. 

English (Taxus baccata) is often referred to as the King Of Hedges as it is the classic British conifer hedge. A lovely evergreen hedging plant that will provide colour, privacy and windbreak. 

Please note that there is a minimum order requirement of 5 plants for the extra tall root balls due to the specialised delivery required. Due to their extreme size and weight, these hedging plants need to be transported via articulated lorry and require a forklift to remove from the truck and into place for planting. These products are indicated by a forklift icon on the listings. If you would like to order below 5, please do contact the team to arrange a delivery cost.

More Information

  • Deciduous No
  • Semi Evergreen No
  • Evergreen Yes
  • Has Berries No
  • Is Edible No
  • Is Native No
  • Intruder Proof No
  • Privacy Hedge No

General hedge trimming should be done twice a year, once in early June and again in late September. It is important to prune at the right time, so as not to remove new growing shoots.

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  • English Yew 250/300cm Root ball
    English Yew 250/300cm Root ball
    15 year old Root Ball
    Price £599.99
    Planting Density:
    1 per metre
    Pallet Delivery - min. Order

    This product requires a pallet delivery which is £60 or free on orders over £200.

    Requires Equipment:

    Plants are heavy, equipment is required for unloading.

    Min. Quantity: 5
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