• Create a Secret Garden

    July 21, 2021 | Gardening Features

    Have you got an empty spot in the garden? Or are you looking to spruce up a corner to create a gorgeous garden getaway? Keep reading, we’ve got you!

    Secret gardens were originally used in medieval England to prevent intruders and to grow fragile plants. However, following the popularity of Frances Hodgson Burnett's classic children's book The Secret Garden, these spaces have become places of tranquility and relaxation. 

    If you looking to create a quiet spot, planting a secret garden is a perfect place to unwind and relax. Studies have shown that spending time with nature reduces blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and the production of stress hormones. 

    With a varity of shrubs at your fingertips, you can plant a space that you will love and enjoy for years to come!

    Make an Entrance

    Every secret garden needs an entrance! Depending on the style of your garden, this could be an arch of colour, a formal structure or a pathway…

    Climbing Plants

    Climbing plants are a gorgeous addition to any garden! By adding foliage and flowers to an archway, pergola or trellis, you are creating structure, colour and adding wildlife value to your secret garden. Climbing plants are pretty fast growing too, meaning that your planting will have instant impact!

    Beautiful Star Jasmine

    Perfect for a neutral and calming garden space! Star Jasmine has lush evergreen foliage throughout the year and also has a sweet and delicate scent in the summer.

    Irish Ivy

    Great for coverage! Ivy has lush foliage and is a really good option for a shady spot as it will thrive without full sun. Did you know that ivy is great at absorbing air pollution too?

    Photinia Red Robin Trellis

    Foliage and colour! The perfect combination. Photinia Red Robin is an evergreen shrub that will hold it's colourful, glossy, bright red leaves all year round.

    Chaeonomeles X Superba

    Amazing for seasonal colour! This shrub produces pink flowers in the spring, dark green foliage in the summer and yellow berries in the autumn.


    Add some formality and structure to you secret garden with topiary! Perfect for container planting, topiary can very easily easily be used to line a pathway or create an entrance. To create height and depth, why not try a topiary cone, spiral or standard? For texture and shape, take a look at our topiary balls and cubes. All of our topiary products are available in a range of sizes too!

    Topiary Spirals
    Topiary Standards
    Topiary Balls


    Grasses are a gorgeous way to bring texture, movement and depth to your garden! They are super easy to maintain and very versatile too. Take a look at the planting schemes below for some inspiration...


    Plant a selection of grasses along with some flowering shrubs to create a colourful border.

    Texture and Shape

    Create more shape and texture with some stone features.

    Minimal and Formal

    Keep it simple with some Stipa 'pony tails' and a monochrome planter.

    Plant a Mixture

    Pick up our Ornamental Grass Collection for plenty of colour and texture.

    Plants for a Shady Spot

    Create a private spot with some lush foliage! Here are a few of our favourite shrubs that will bring shade, privacy, and gorgeous green…

    Fatsia Japonica

    The definition of tropical! Create your own little jungle.

    Ivy Screens

    Create an instant screen of green! We also stock Irish ivy to grow yourself.

    Black Bamboo

    Perfect for create light shade and lots of lovely movement!


    This hedging plant has lovely white flowers and black berries.

    Take a Seat

    The best part of a secret garden is taking the time to enjoy it! So, why not invest in a gorgeous garden chair and enjoy your greenspace!

    Hammock - Not on the High Street

    Who can resist macrame tassles? This cotton hammock is perfect for a relaxing spot.

    Egg Chair - BRIQ

    Feeling fancy? This hanging egg chair is as gorgeous as it is comfortable!

    Sun Lounger and Chair - Argos

    Super funky! This chair and sun lounger will become a feature in any garden.

    Lounge Set - MADE

    Perfect for some quiet time with a drink and a friend!

    Invite Wildlife

    Create a peaceful, fragrant, and colourful space with some wildlife friendly shrubs. Here’s a few of our favourites…

    Dwarf Lavender

    A low growing Lavender hedging plant and shrub that is ideal for borders and pathways. 

    Buddleia - White profusion

    This RHS award-winning shrub has a beautiful fragrance and is loved by butterflies.

    The Hardy Geranium Collection

    Ideal for ground cover, these low-growing shrubs are perfect for beds, borders and rockeries.

    Ceanothus 'Italian Skies'

    This shrub bursts into a beautiful floral display and is perfect for climbing up and along fences.

    It’s All About Ambient Lighting

    There’s no better way to spend a quiet evening than in your secret garden! So here’s a few of our favourite outdoor lighting options…

    Vintage Bulb Lights - The Solar Centre

    How cute! Bulb lights are perfect for hanging along a fence or between posts and trees.

    Heart Light Decoration - Dunelm

    Create a feature of your lighting with this gorgeous heart light!

    Dandelion Lights - Etsy

    Make a magical pathway with these lovely dandelion lights!

    Giant LED Orb - Amazon

    Light up your borders with these gorgeous LED spheres!

    Create Colour and Contrast

    Plant some colourful, textured shrubs that will create interest and a focal point in your secret space.

    Dianthus 'flutter burst' Collection

     Ideal for spring and autumn planting, this Alpine is best suited in troughs, window boxes, containers or baskets.

    Mahonia 'Winter Sun'

    For colour and texture, this shrub has beautiful yellow flower spikes that rise above long arching glossy-green leaves.

    Cytisus 'Lena'

    This pretty deciduous shrub has upright shoots and flowers in abundance through late spring and early summer.

    Phormium Yellow Wave

    Phormiums provide lots of different colour and textures. We stock other varieties that are orange, pink and bronze too!

    We would love to see your garden projects! Make sure to tag us in your photos on Instagram and Facebook.

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