• Hawthorn Based Hedging Packs

    This Hawthorn based mix for bare root native hedging is primarily Hawthorn (50%), suitable for most conditions except for heavy soils and coastal/windy positions where Blackthorn is the better choice. The mix also contains 10% each of Bird Cherry, Field Maple, Dog Rose, Hazel and Blackthorn (the opposite to the main component). These species have been selected to provide a long period of interest through the year for humans (in flower, berries, leaf colour, leaf shape) as well as a variety of wildlife foods and shelter. Hawthorn based Mixed Native hedging is a popular and economical way to plant a hedge. Often used for field boundary hedging, this native species mix brings the British countryside into your garden.

    All of our Hawthorn hedging packs are now out of stock, they will be back online in the summer available for pre-orders. 

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