Hornbeam Topiary Balls

Carpinus betulus topiary balls

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Stunning root ball Hornbeam (Carpins betulus) Topiary Balls to add an interesting evergreen feature to your garden. Topiary Balls look stunning and they are sure to create an instant impact in any garden or landscape.

Carpinus betulus Topiary Balls

Hornbeam’s winter appearance is very similar to Beech with copper coloured leaves but they aren’t quite as bright in colour, more of a brown/grey compared to the orange/brown of Fagus sylvatica leaves. Hornbeam topiary balls will create an interesting feature to your garden whilst adding seasonal interest.

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  • Deciduous No
  • Semi Evergreen No
  • Evergreen Yes
  • Has Berries No
  • Is Edible No
  • Is Native Yes

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  • Hornbeam (Carpinus betulus) Topiary Ball 90cm
    Hornbeam (Carpinus betulus) Topiary Ball 90cm
    Root Ball
    Price £400.00
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    Varies per metre
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