• Create a Pet Friendly Garden

    September 20, 2021 | Information

    We love our pets! And so, it’s really important that their adventures in our gardens are safe and enjoyable. And we also love our gardens too! Keeping your garden looking gorgeous is something that can be difficult when you have pets (especially dogs) around. So, here are some ways that you can keep your pet comfortable and your garden looking gorgeous...

    Pet Friendly Garden Tips

    Keep Them Comfortable

    Paved areas can be uncomfortable and potentially damaging to your pets joints. So when you are outside enjoying the garden, make sure that they also have a comfortable place to sit too. This could be on the grass, on a barked area, or you could simply bring their bed outside with you.

    In the Summer months, our gardens can be hot and overbearing for our pets and so it's important to create a shady spot for them sit in. This could be under a tree, next to a hedge or underneath a table and umbrella.

    Keeping dogs cool and calm isn't always easy. However, encouraging them to play in a children's paddling pool is a great way to keep them entertained without getting too hot. Cool mats and mattresses are brilliant at bringing their temperature down after being active. A damp towel is a good alternative, however this will be need replacing fairly often.

    Here are some of our favourite outdoor pet beds and mattresses that will keep your pet cool and comfortable in the garden.

    Cool Club Raised Air Dog Bed - Pets at Home
    Coolaroo Pet Bed - Amazon
    Scruffs Cool Dog Bed
    Cooling Function Miranda Mat - Wayfair

    Garden Safely

    Many gardening products are unsafe for our pets including weed killers, pesticides and fertilisers. However there are many natural aternatives...

    Weed Killer - A natural alternative is to make a mixture of white vinegar, washing up liquid and salt. If you are wanting to replant in this area, leave out the salt as this can make it difficult for new plants to grow. This is a great alternative for patios, however for borders and pots, apply boiling water to the weeds, wait a day or two, and then get stuck in with your gloves and a trowel.

    Pesticides - Take a look at this post by Treehugger on Natural and Homemade Insecticides. Depending on the pest problem you have, there's a recipe to combat the problem!

    Fertilisers - Farmers Almanac have plenty of suggestions for organic, homemade feed and fertilisers. Some super simple ones include; grass clippings, coffee grounds and tree leaves.

    Deter Digging

    Planting strong smelling garden shrubs is a great way to keep pets away from your beds and borders. Some options include rosemary, lavender and sage.

    Spreading coffee grounds (which is also a great fertiliser), mustard powder or chilli flakes is also a great alternative.

    Plant in Pots

    Planting hardy, established plants is the best way to give your garden the best chance of looking gorgeous. However, we all love beautiful and delicate flowers.

    The best way to keep them healthy and looking fab is to plant them in hanging baskets, tall pots or raised beds. This is sometimes the only way to keep them safe and out of reach.

    Pet and Play Zones

    Creating an open space that is a place for your pet to play is a really great way to keep them out of the areas that you have planted in and worked hard on. 

    By sitting with them or playing with them only in this area, they will naturally start to use it more often. 

    Using a barked or stone area as a toilet zone is also a great way to keep your lawn tidy and healthy. However this is something that would need to be introduced to your pet at an early age.

    Pet Friendly Hedging Styles

    Tall Hedging

    Looking for hedge that will create a private, sheltered spot in the garden? Tall hedging is the way to go...

    Griselinia littoralis (New Zealand Privet)

    A gorgeous apple green, evegreen hedge that will create a lush screen for your garden.

    Beech (Fagus sylvatica)

    Enjoy seasonal colour and delicate leaves! Beech is a native hedging plant that is great for wildlife too!

    Western Red Cedar (Thuja plicata)

    This fast growing hedging plant is great as a windbreak and for reducing noise too!

    Short Hedging

    Hedging is a lovely way to mark a border and to create sections in your garden. Short hedging is a fabulous option for fragrant hedging too!

    English Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia 'Munstead')

    A cottage garden favourite. This a lovely option for a fragrant, informal border. The bees will love it too!

    Lonicera pileata (Box-Leaved Honeysuckle)

    A dense, shrubby hedge that produces lovely creamy white  flowers in the spring, and berries in the winter.

    Hebe Veronica 'Red Edge'

    An unusual and striking low growing hedge that will bring seasonal colours to your garden.

    Short Hedging

    Bring vibrance, wildlife and colour to your garden with flowering hedging!

    Blackthorn (Prunus spinosa)

    Grow your own 'Sloe' berries with Blackthorn hedging! You will also enjoy beautiful white flowers on contrasting black stems.

    Escallonia Red (Escallonia Rubra Macrantha)

    This evergreen hedge will bring colour and vibrance to your garden all year round!

    Viburnum tinus 'Eve Price'

    A gorgeous and unique evergreen hedging plant that flowers all through winter to early spring.

    Colourful Hedging

    Brighten up your garden with a gorgeous colourful hedging plant!

    Oleaster 'Gilt Edge'

    Perfect from brightening a shaded corner of the garden, this evergreen hedge also produces white flowers in the autumn.

    Photinia Red Robin (Photinia x fraseri)

    Bring bright red leaves and lush foliage to your borders!

    Orange Dogwood (Cornus Sanguinea)

    An unusual hedging plant, dogwood is a great option to create a colourful light screen! 

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