Instantly Impressive Ideas – April

1. April Species

Our hedging species for this month is no other than the versatile Box (Buxus Sempervirens). Buxus sempervirens, also known as ‘Boxwood’ is a native, shade tolerant plant that is suitable for most soil types and sites other than wet or windy sites. It is a versatile, classic hedge favoured by many people for its dense and verdant appearance.

Due to its slow growth it is also very manageable in terms of upkeep and is easily trimmed and kept to a desired shape, often providing a lovely, green privacy screen if grown to height. Because of its versatility and appearance, Box hedging has a universal appeal in both urban and large formal garden situations and can be used to great effect for borders, partitions, green walling (think mazes and pathways) and even beautiful and intricate parterre knotwork gardens. It truly is the most lovely of hedges with a multitude of possible combinations for shape, height and use which is why it is consistently one of our top ten selling species of hedge plant.

Box Topiary

Box hedging is also the main form of hedge plant used for Topiary due to its specific characteristics and the shapes which can be created are only limited by the imagination. However there are timeless classics, always popular, such as Topiary BallsTopiary Cubes and Topiary Spirals.

Box hedging is also known for some problems that can come with it. For more information on this, please see this informative blog post:

Box Blight 🌱& Box Caterpillar 🐛
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2. Gardening Advice


In cooler areas, and earlier in the month, you can still move and plant evergreen trees and shrubs provided the soil is not waterlogged. They are best moved or planted once actively growing and when there is less risk of cold weather.


In colder areas, you can also still plant container-grown deciduous hedging plants, shrubs, trees and climbers. Stakes and rabbit guards should be put in place at the time of planting to prevent damage to the rootball and bark.

Remember that watering and establishment may be problematic for large plants as the weather gets warmer and dryer, and you may be better delaying planting them until October.

Info taken from RHS

3. Garden Design

See how box can be used in so many different ways!

4. Events

5. Impact Plants Story Of The Month

Some good news surrounding the current COVID-19 pandemic. 

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