Instantly Impressive Ideas – June

1. June Species

Our species of the month is grass! Not only the one grass but all from our amazing grasses range. Ornamental grass plants are a versatile addition to the gardenscape offering diverse colours, shapes and textures. Used traditionally along pathways and in borders, grasses have seen a resurgence in popularity, featuring extensively in modern landscaping and planting schemes as both a focal point and to enhance other design or planting features.

Grasses work particularly well to off-set beautiful flowering plants and those with structure such as hedging or topiary. They create movement and a softer aesthetic to both complement and contrast with other plants and with a varying colour palette can be quite striking in their effectiveness.

Grasses also add a dynamic feature within a hard landscaped environment, around or within paving and patios or finely gravelled areas and rockeries. They can be used to great effect and look particularly stunning planted around a water feature, helping it to sit naturally in its environment or even planted into containers which allows the grass to flow and move gracefully around the pot – ideal for rejuvenating and adding architectural interest to your patio planting.

2. Gardening Advice

Clip evergreen hedges such as Privet (Ligustrum), Box (Buxus)Yew,  and Lonicera nitida if needed. Cut back tender shrubs such as hardy Fuchsias. Evergreens such as Viburnum tinus can also still be trimmed this month. When pruning, remember it is best to prune in the evening when the sun isn’t shining down on your freshly trimmed hedges. Prune out any remaining frost damage from affected evergreen shrubs.

Rhododendrons can be lightly pruned after flowering. More severe pruning should wait until the following early spring.

Prune wall-trained Pyracanthas, removing any shoots coming out from the wall, and shortening other new growth to about 8cm (3in). This encourages spur formation, and increased flowering relative to green growth.

Keep an eye out for weeds, that will seemingly pop up out of nowhere! Add liquid fertiliser to hanging baskets every 2-4 weeks.

Mow lawns at least once a week. Water your lawn during hot weather, particularly newly seeded or turfed lawns. Do not allow new lawns to dry out. Add lawn fertiliser. Keep an eye out for white powdery mildew on plants. If possible, remove the affected parts and spray with a fungicide to prevent further spread.

Information provided by the RHS

3. Garden Design

Look at how you can add grasses to your garden, bringing colour and texture!

4. Events

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