Living Screens

At Impact Plants, our living screens are grown with your property in mind. Living screens are created by growing a thick layer of foliage that forms a planted wall; a perfect way to secure your property. These living green walls will also complement your property well as they are far more attractive than a fence. Living walls are not only a more aesthetically pleasing choice, they are also kinder to wildlife and your local environment.

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Our living green walls are environmentally friendly with easy and efficient installation. They consist of an animal-friendly steel grid that is densely intertwined with climbing plants, creating instant privacy. These climbing plants come in a biodegradable, coconut fibre root container that is filled with potting soil; you can plant this into the ground to allow the healthy and full development of the climbing plants and their root system. Once your living wall is planted, the container will degrade within a few years.

Living screens can be planted all year round.

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