• Instantly Impressive Ideas - August

    July 29, 2021 | Monthly Gardening Advice

    1. August Species

    Our species of the month is Ivy (Hedera Helix) which is most popularly used in our Living Screens. Hedera helix ‘Hibernica’, alternatively known as Atlantic or Irish Ivy, has a dark green, glossy leaf with defined lighter veining and a paler underside when mature. However, the new growth and flowering shoots are a paler green and have a more oval rather than defined multi-tipped shape. Salt tolerant, this particular variety is ideal for coastal areas.

    Ivy panels provide instant and effective living green screens. They are increasingly used by homeowners, contractors and local authorities to provide rigid, secure and evergreen barriers. Ivy fencing panels are low maintenance and easy to install, made up of a non-invasive form of Ivy grown on rigid galvanised mesh to form Ivy screens. As well as being much more attractive than traditional fencing, they also improve with time and support an array of wildlife.

    There are large numbers of possible uses for instant Ivy in both public and private situations. Some of the more common uses are:

    • secure barriers around gardens and estates.
    • covers for walls and buildings to make bare surfaces more attractive
    • divisions within car parks, estates, campsites etc.
    • visual screens at roundabouts or to hide eyesores
    • to prevent graffiti

    But our screens don’t have to come in Ivy, we have recently expanded our range to include some more popular species such as other varieties of Ivy including WoernerGreen RippleWhite Ripple and Goldchild. We also sell PyracanthaBeechHornbeam and Euonymus Darts Blanket.

    We recently had an order for our Euonymus Darts Blanket screens and look how amazing they look! We love how our customer has used a mixture of fence panels and screens to create a natural but modern look.

    2. Gardening Advice

    Hedges will need a last trim before the colder seasons set in, some conifers will be okay as they will continue to grow until October, you can go over them then. Clip deciduous hedges such as BeechHawthorn, Birch and Hornbeam. Use shears or a hedge trimmer to cut off all of the new growth right back to the original hedge-line. When pruning hedges such as laurels, be conscious oto take of whole leaves rather than cutting through leaves, like with an electric trimmer, as this will leave the leaves to turn brown. Hedge cuttings can be added to your compost heap. Prune wisteria and climbing shrubs such as Pyracantha after flowering. Hebes and Lavenders can be given a light prune after flowering. Rambling roses can be pruned now, once they have finished flowering. Continue to deadhead shrubs, such as roses, to extend flowering into early autumn. Spindly specimens that have lost leaves can be cut back a little further when deadheading, to encourage new growth. Thoroughly soak drought-stressed plants and shrubs, especially newly planted ones. Use grey, recycled or stored rain water wherever possible. – Info taken from the RHS

    3. Garden Design

    Let’s have a look how living screens can create privacy in your garden whilst still aesthetically pleasing!

    4. Events

    5. Impact Plants Story Of The Month

    Tom Daley has knitted a cosy for his Olympic gold medal!

    This is a little different for our story of the month, but how could we not share the amazing work done by Tom Daley!

    As you will most likely know, Tom Daley and his diving partner Matty Lee won gold in the 10m sychronised platform on Tuesday. What you may not know is that he has since knitted a tea cosy to keep it safe from scratches!

    Throughout the pandemic Tom took up knitting and crocheting to keep himself busy and to also raise money for The Brain Tumour Charity. He has made some wonderful jumpers, blankets, teddies and bobble hats! Take a look at his Instagram account @madewithlovebytomdaley to see his amazing creations.

    More recently he is giving people the chance to win a rainbow jumper that he has knitted himself! To enter all that you need to do is donate at least £2 to The Brain Tumor Charity. Find out more here.

    What a legend! 

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