• Instantly Impressive Ideas- February

    February 1, 2021 | Monthly Gardening Advice

    1. February Species

    Our plant of the month is evergreen shrub Choisya Ternata ‘Sundance’ also known as Golden Mexican Orange Blossom. This brightly coloured shrubs is the same in all respects as the green version (Mexican Orangle Blossom) but with bright yellow foliage, is fantastic for bringing some metaphorical sunshine into your planting scheme! 

    An evergreen shrub too gives it year long interest and looks great in your gardens this time of year. It also looks great with snow on! 

    Mexican Orange Blossom With Snow
    Mexican Orange Blossom
    Mexican Orange Blossom Hedge

    2. Gardening Advice

    Continue to plant hedging plants, shrubs, trees and climbers. Stakes and rabbit guards should be put in place at the time of planting trees, to prevent damage to the root ball or bark.

    Root ball and bare root hedging is still available this month.

    Move established deciduous trees and shrubs provided the ground is not frozen or waterlogged.

    Tie up splayed out branches on conifers that have become damaged by the weight of snow or by strong winds. Check tree ties and stakes. Replace, tighten or slacken them where necessary.

    Firm back newly planted trees and shrubs if they have been lifted by frost heave or by strong winds.

    Remove weeds from around the bases of young trees.

    Check protective coverings on newly planted or borderline hardy trees, shrubs and climbers, to ensure they remain secure until the risk of frost has passed.

    Source: RHS

    3. Garden Design

    Sticking with our Mexican Orange Blossom Sundance to bring some colour to another dull month, why not add in some flowering hedging plants, see how… 

    Hydrangea Garden Design
    Choisya Ternata Garden Design
    Spotted Laurel Garden Design
    Mixed Hedging Garden Design
    Purple Beech Garden Design

    4. Events

    5. Impact Plants Story Of The Month

    Children have surprised teachers and school staff with a special display of "secret" artwork to thank them for their help during the Covid pandemic.

    On January 14th, staff at Sibsey Primary in Lincolnshire were greeted with dozens of "thank you" messages attached to the school fence as they arrived for work on Monday morning.

    Both students parents were involved in the surprise! The wonderful display was put together overnight by parents who had kept the project a secret from the school.

    Head teacher Graeme Wright said he was "over the moon".

    children's artchildren's art
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