Persian Ironwood Mature Pleached Tree 120cm Clear Stem, 25-30cm Girth, 180 Wide x 250 High, Root Ball

Parrotia persica
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Mature Pleached Persian Ironwood (Parrotia Persica) Trees that will make a gorgeous addition to your garden. Persian Ironwood is a deciduous tree in the family Hamamelidaceae, closely related to the witch-hazel genus Hamamelis.

Persian Ironwood Mature Pleached Tree Information

What is a Mature Pleached Tree?

The term 'pleached' refers to trees that are trained to form a screen of branches and foliage a single straight stem. The single stem of our pleached trees are usually between 1.8 and 2.2m tall although smaller stemmed trees are also grown as in this case. Planted in rows at set distances, they form an elevated 'green wall' that can be ideal as a green alternative to high fencing.

\nPleached trees are often used to screen unsightly buildings and can be grown above an existing wall or fence. Used in this way pleached trees can extend the height of a privacy screen to 3 metres or more.

\nMature pleached trees are established trees with full growth development on the cane head structure compared to the fresh pleached versions. Having been carefully nurtured and trained over an extended period of time, these stunning specimens are immediately impressive with beautiful, dense screens that when in full leaf, offer shade and privacy immediately on planting.


Species Information

Our Persian Ironwood (Parrotia persica) mature pleached trees are somewhat unusual in that they are lower level pleached screens, grown specificially with a shorter stem and culminating in a tall, elegant foliage screen. This beautiful deciduous ornamental tree is native to an area of Northern Iran and the Alborz Mountains, hence its 'Persian' reference, and is closely related to the Witch Hazel genus.

It features abundant clusters of deep red flowers which grace its bare branches in winter and early spring, providing seasonal interest in colder months where other trees are dormant. The foliage when it emerges in spring is a glossy green and the large, oval shaped leaves have a delicate wavy margin. However it is in autumn, when the tree's leaves erupt in a riot of colour with vivid red, purple, yellow and orange hues producing a stunning autumnul display, that you can appreciate why this species is so favoured. The Parrotia persica's bark also provides interest, attractively flaking to reveal a patchwork of cream, green and yellow on the interior.\n\n

Delivery Information

Please note that this product is shipped as a large root ball. Specialist delivery is required for this product due to its size, shape and weight. Although free delivery criteria for a pallet delivery will show on online ordering, there is a delivery charge applicable on orders under 5 units. Please call 01257 263 876 and ask for a pleached tree specialist who will be able to explain the specifics around delivery costs, delivery vehicle type, required access to your property and equipment needed to move the plants from lorry to planting location.\n\nPlease note: We recommend that any moving or lifting equipment such as a forklift, is booked for a full day not part day, as we cannot guarantee what time the trees will arrive on site on the day of delivery.
More Information
Berry ColourNone
Semi EvergreenNo
Flower ColourRed
Grows Up To4-8m
Has BerriesNo
Is EdibleNo
Is NativeNo
Privacy HedgeYes

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