The best time to plant a hedge!

Planting a hedge is the start of a wonderful new life that will bring many joys to your garden. It will create privacy, attract wildlife, be visually appealing and even increase your properties value. So when is the best time to plant to ensure your hedge thrives?

The best time to plant to plant a hedge depends on the type of hedge you are planting, especially their root type. Each root type has their own specific time frame in which the plant will achieve its best results.

Hedging comes in the following root types…

Bare Roots

Bare root hedging must be planted when dormant, from November to April, however this planting period can be extended through to early May with the use of cold stored plants. Always check the ground is not frozen before planting and that frosts have not been forecast. All hedging plants are dormant during this period, however evergreen hedge plants hold their leaves whilst deciduous hedging loses them.

Root Balls

Similar to bare roots, root ball hedging can only be planted during the dormant season, however this is slightly long for root balls, lasting from October to May with the exception of Box hedging, which can be planted in root ball form all year round. This also applies to most Pleached Trees as these are grown as root balls.

Pot Grown & Cell Grown

Pot grown hedging can be planted all year round other than when the ground is frozen, frosts are forecast or during very hot weather. You can store pot grown plants for a few weeks before planting in the ground, providing you keep them well-watered. Cell grown hedge plants can also be planted at any time of the year with the same exceptions that apply to pot grown plants.

Instant hedging

Instant hedging is available to buy and plant year round but we recommend that you avoid planting during both freezing temperatures and extremely hot weather.

We also suggest to add in Rootgrow and Bonemeal at time of planting to give your hedging the best start in life.

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