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    At Impact Plants, we have a wide range of Topiary Balls available. Traditionally, topiary balls have a formal and structured appearance, standing proudly side by side in doorways or planted en masse. These stunning features are typically grown from Box plants. Modern landscaping has begun mixing things up with species choice and the overall topiary look.

    All our Topiary products are grown and maintained by our team of experienced, in-house hedging experts. To have great looking Topiary Balls in your garden quickly, they must be watered thoroughly regularly. 

    Box is most commonly used in Topiary, however, the likes of Yew, Portuguese Laurel and Japanese Holly have been experimented with, each creating its own unique, stunning look. The different aesthetics created by each species means there is a topiary ball look for every garden. Topiary balls combine well with ornamental grasses, expressing different textures and styles and adding engaging contrast to your outdoor space.

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    1. Box ( Buxus sempervirens ) Topiary Balls In Garden
      Box Topiary Balls
      Buxus sempervirens topiary balls

      From £16.99

    2. Yew Topiary Balls in planter
      Yew Topiary Balls
      Taxus baccata topiary balls

      From £40.00

    3. Japanese Holly Topiary Balls
      Japanese Holly Topiary Balls
      Ilex crenata topiary balls

      From £41.99

    4. Purple Beech Topiary Balls
      Purple Beech Topiary Balls
      Fagus sylvatica 'Atropunicea'

      From £199.99

    5. Beech Topiary Balls - summer foliage
      Beech Topiary Balls
      Fagus sylvatica

      From £209.99

    6. Portuguese Laurel Topiary Balls
      Portuguese Laurel Topiary Balls
      Prunus lusitanica Angustifolia

      From £449.99

    7. Holly Topiary Balls Foliage
      Holly Topiary Balls
      Ilex aquifolium topiary balls

      From £379.99

    8. Hornbeam (Carpins betulus) Topiary Balls
      Hornbeam Topiary Balls
      Carpinus betulus topiary balls

      From £199.99

    9 Items

    per page
    Set Descending Direction
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