Topiary Cubes

If you’re looking for Topiary Cubes to plant and look great immediately, then Impact Plants has the perfect range available. A little more unusual than most traditional Topiary shapes like cones or balls, cubes are ideal for modern, sharp landscapes keeping in with the solid lines and structure. 

Typically grown from Box plants, topiary cubes are a perfect way to add solid lines and a harder structure to an otherwise flowing garden. The contrasting style adds stunning movement to an outdoor space and is ideal for cutting edge landscape design.

Having topiary cubes side by side at your front door creates a welcoming feel as the cube shape blends in with the other structured frames flowing across the front of your house, adding vibrance and colour to your doorstep.

Impact Plants specialises in premium Topiary. We have a wide range with additional sizes available; if you’d like to discuss with our team get in touch today and we can provide a tailored quote.

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