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Top soil is suitable to all kinds of plants including hedge and tree planting, as well as laying down turf. Top soil is also beneficial for levelling your surface and ensuring your young plants receive enough nutrients from this vital layer of soil. If your top soil is of the highest grade, you will not require additional compost or fertiliser for the first growing season.

Most nutrients and growth development are generated from the upper layer of soil, so, it is vital to ensure your plants are well looked after. This is particularly important in the first two growing seasons.

Topsoil Key Features & Benefits:

  • Compaction resistant. Retains bulk
  • Free draining. Excellent in wet conditions
  • Safe, Certified and from a sustainable source
  • Contains all necessary plant nutrients
  • Suitable for most tree and shrub planting
  • Available all year round

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    It’s important to give your new hedging, trees or turf the nutrients they require and an easy way to do this is by ensuring your topsoil is of the highest quality. 

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