• Flowering Crab Apple Trees

    Our range of Crab Apple trees have incredible features that you won’t want to miss out on. These native, deciduous trees are exceptionally resilient, offering unique blossom and delicious crab apples.

    Flowering Crab Apple trees offer exquisite fruits high in pectin and big in flavour, perfect for crab apple jelly. Whilst Weeping Crab Apple trees present an unusual and distinctive umbrella shape with pendulous branches that sweep to the ground, transforming the dynamics of your garden.

    All of our Crab Apple trees offer seasonal interest with white flowers flushed with shades of pink that smother the branches in spring and warm, bronzed foliage in autumn.

    If you’re looking for something especially unusual and striking for your garden space, we offer Crab Apple trees in the form of Espalier pleached tree, find out all about this stunning tree style here.

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    1. Malus Jelly King (Flowering Crab Apple) tree fruits
      Malus Jelly King
      Malus Jelly King

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    2. Crab Apple Tree (Malus x robusta 'Red Sentinel')
      Malus x robusta ‘Red Sentinel’
      Flowering Crab Apple Tree

      From £64.99

    2 Items

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