Box Head Trees 

Box head trees are trained around a cube can structure to create a box-shaped head above a slim, straight stem. This distinctive appearance is developed over time and by skilfully trimming and pruning the thick foliage on top. The full box shaped head resting on top of the graceful, slender stem creates an intriguing statement in your garden.

A popular choice of species for box head trees is hornbeam. The dark tones of the deep veined leaves are an appealing choice to contrast with the pale sky backdrop. Hornbeam also excels in harsher weather conditions and is perfect for poor soil.

Adding Box Head Trees to your property is a great way to add height or character to your garden. They look fantastic and make your landscape area more enjoyable for family and friends to spend time in. Browse Impact Plant's range of charming Box Head Trees. We provide topiary with a clear stem and depending on the age of the tree, they can reach up to 2.2m. 

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