Fresh & Mature Pleached Trees 

Impact Plants has an exciting range of Fresh Pleached Trees for you to choose from. Known as 'Hedging On Stilts' Pleached Trees are a great additon to any garden that will add style and privacy as well as seasonal interest. When cultivating the look and feel of your garden, having space to grow is essential. Fresh Pleached Trees are an affordable option that will see your garden flourish in the months and years to come. 

For gardeners looking to improve the privacy of their outdoor space, Impact Plants has the perfect range of Pleached Trees. These plants are easy to manipulate, and with the right framework can be trained into a variety of different shapes. Extra screening can be vital in protecting a home or property, Pleached Trees allow for that without compromising on the way your local environment looks.

Our varied selection can cater to whatever your area requires.  View our Fresh Pleached Trees or contact us for more information.

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