Roof Form Trees

Roof Form Trees are popular for creating a sense of structure while providing a natural garden architecture. They are sometimes referred to as umbrella or parasol trees as they have a single, slim trunk and branch out near the top to create a canopy. At Impact Plants, we have a wide range of Roof Form Trees suited to all types of gardens. 

Roof form trees are an emerging popular choice due to their appealing, unique shape. The roof form design is a single sleek stem leading up to a crown of thick foliage, resembling an umbrella. To create this shape the central leaders of the tree are cut away and the remaining branches are trained over a cane structured horizontal screen creating stunning natural garden architecture.

Deciduous species are a popular choice for roof form trees as they have thick foliage in summer that offers shade in your outdoor space, and in winter allows light to travel through the bare branches. Roof form trees are ideal for terraces and areas close to your home where an outside seating area can be placed underneath.

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