Woodlands Inspired Gardens

Woodlands Inspired Gardens – Sustainable And Cost-Effective

It’s hard to imagine an English cottage without the perfect English garden, however, some new trends are making their way home. The UK gardening industry is worth a whopping £5.7 billion and thanks to an abundance of rainfall and just enough sunlight, it’s hard not to have a stunner of a garden even if left to grow wildly. But a new trend is making its way to English gardens and lends a bit of ethereal wonder. Woodlands inspired gardens may seem a little wild, but takes careful planning to have the right effect.

Planning Out The Perfect Woodlands Garden

Not every garden has an abundance of sunlight and for these, low-level woodlands plants are the ideal way to spruce up the garden. Too much sunlight does not bode well for these plants, who live in the shadows of tall trees. Create some extra shady spots in order for the woodlandsy theme to carry on throughout. The plants that tend to flourish in these conditions include ferns, tufted grass, anemones, and moss. Rocks and bark are perfect to fill up the areas between the plants and the walkways.

A Misty Calm

Caring for woodlands plants are a little different as they don’t require the large amounts of water all at once. A misting system tends to work well for these plants and also adds to the mystery of that woodlands real in the back garden. A good way to ensure that the plants survive the dryer seasons is by investing in a water catchment system. A water catchment system places less strain on the environment and can easily be hooked up on an irrigation or misting system.

Introduce Some Colour To The Mix

With the abundance of grey, green, and brown, a touch of color in a woodlands garden will go a long way. Plants that tend to work well in gardens that don’t have a lot of sunlight include violas and cowslip primrose. For those who desire a touch of the exotic, some orchids tend to flourish in these conditions too. Gardeners who wish to enjoy their fairytale garden in the evenings as well should look into miniature fairy lights to add a soft glow.

Woodlands gardens are not only a stunning addition to a property, but also happen to be easy to maintain. With the right levels of shade and water, there is very little maintenance to be done for a gorgeous effect.

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